13/13/13 Sketchbook Project :: Collector’s Edition (Text Only)

IMAG0179 edited.jpg
IMAG0179 edited.jpg

13/13/13 Sketchbook Project :: Collector’s Edition (Text Only)


series of articles written while traveling to 10 countries in 2013 : .pdf (2014)

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How did it end?  What was the point?  Did you find out how art can encourage us to be more engaged and nurturing within our communities?

This year – with all its uncertainty, all its pain, loneliness, and joy – burned into me a very fundamental lesson: 

All we have is right now.  

This present moment.  All past experiences, interactions, and decisions led to this moment.  All future experiences, interactions, and decisions will stem from this moment. 

Art reminds us of our mortality, our humanity, our generosity, our compassion, and our power. 

By creating a painting, a poem, or a song, you remind yourself that you have the inherent power to shape your reality.  

So do it.