Fertility Sacred Healing Pendant

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Fertility Sacred Healing Pendant

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Our fertility sacred healing pendants focus on clearing the blocks throughout the entire chakra system and creating stable, fertile ground within your body so that your fertility and creativity can blossom.

Each pendant is created on-demand as an individual commission. Your piece may look similar to the one shown here or may look completely different, depending on where the imbalances are in your body and life. 

When you purchase this handcrafted one-of-a-kind sacred medicine piece, we will be in touch immediately to schedule a phone call to chat more about your life and what you wish for this piece to do for you. Your piece will then be created and shipped to you within a week.

Common elements in each piece:
- high quality stones (selected to meet your needs for the piece)
- high quality herbs (selected to meet your needs for the piece)
- elaborate decorative metal wire wrapping around the edges of the piece
- 18 inch faux leather cord for the enchantment to be worn around your neck or wrist
- detailed description of all the components of your personalized fertility sacred healing piece and what each of them will do for you