Stepping out on this journey with another entrepreneurial, free-spirit has been equally terrifying and inspiring. Tonight, I am sitting in the back row of a church sanctuary in the middle of the night. Timothy is playing piano, filling this entire space with sacred music. This afternoon, he made me a new lapiz lazuli energy piece to protect and inspire me as I enter a new phase of my life. 

This afternoon, I taught him how to use Freshbooks so he could send his first professional estimate for a carpentry job. I wrote down the heart of our mission in the world which we talk about relentlessly, continued honing the visual aesthetics for our businesses, and consulted the guides for the path forward.

Without each other, we would struggle to find the courage to be ourselves in this world.

We are two air signs who can be sensitive and highly emotional. We both cry a lot -- and laugh a lot. We knock against anything that makes us feel trapped. We remind each other that we are not crazy, but we are reminded every day that we are swimming against the cultural current of how "responsible adults" are supposed to behave.

However, yesterday's lunar eclipse marked a shift in the cosmic energy of the world, and when we woke up this morning, the things that had been weighing us down seemed distant, as if they existed in another dimension somehow. 

The guilt that has driven each of us in different ways is dissipating. The guilt for mistakes we've made, the guilt for not being the "successful adults" our younger selves pressured us to be, the guilt for not fitting into the life molds that our parents had hoped for, the guilt over trusting our instincts rather than waiting on "safe bets". 

Ultimately, in this new cosmological phase, we are shaking loose from the guilt over being who we are instead of being someone else "better".

So what does it feel like to let go of feeling guilty for who you are? Well, as we figure it out, I'll let you know. Right now, in my bones, I feel that the key from here will be to not rush too fast, to not make huge assumptions about how to fill the new space that we feel. To move slowly with lots of reflection. Which is why we are here in a sanctuary, taking the time to offer up gratitude to the Divine Goodness. 

In the lunar eclipse spirit of clearing out the emotional and spiritual clutter, we decided to offer our first ever site-wide 50% off sale to celebrate moving into our new office space in Winston-Salem.

We want to give more freely, to release fear, and to trust that the universe is carrying us -- because the universe did make us precisely who we are for a reason. 

Not an easy task by any stretch, but most definitely a worthwhile one. We hope you will join us.

The sale ends Sept 1, so check out the books, sacred pendants, private yoga sessions, and energy healing sessions to see if anything strikes your fancy. If you've been debating about scheduling a session or ordering your very own sacred energy piece, now's the perfect time.

How have you been? Have you been feeling the super-intense eclipse energy too? Have you been struggling with feeling guilty about who you are too?