Hi, sweetheart,

Life is so cyclical, isn't it? Constantly revisting the same lessons with fresh eyes. Touching previous selves, previous relationships, previous dreams and coming to new conclusions.

Last week reminded me how much I truly adore assisting others with their healing. The coordinators of the Art & Wellness program at the Sawtooth School of Visual Art brought me in for the third year in a row to lead an empowering course called Creative Exploration to Ease Anxiety. Over the span of two days, we use gentle yoga stretches, guided meditation, intuitive drawing, animal medicine cards, creative journaling, and discussion to unveil our anxieties and find the deep healing that happens when we truly feel seen.

Consistently, the shyest participants will open up by the middle of the second day to share the most inspiring and heart-rending stories. To all of you who emerge from your shells during these workshops, you change my life. Every. Time. The bravery and resilience we have as humans... just... thank you. It is an honor to live in the same world with you. 

When starting a new business, it's easy to lose focus on why you began such a roller coaster journey in the first place. Eir Heart was started to offer healing tools that will empower you to live your biggest life -- and energy work has been a pivotal tool in my personal arsenal from the beginning.

I put a pause on all hands-on healing work during my first trimester because it took all the energy I had to just get out of bed. However, now that I am solidly in my second trimester, it is with joy and relief that I feel ready and able to offer energy healing sessions. These new sessions will be an amalgamation of all my experience and services -- rather than just reiki or just thai yoga -- so that I can be more responsive in the sessions to what you need in that moment. This will also ensure that I can continue this work even as my belly grows!

Thank you for your dedication to making your life a powerful and fulfilling one. It's an honor to be on this winding journey with you. Please let me know how I can lend you a hand.

Sending you big snuggles,