This morning, I practiced with Hawk - the ever-observant watcher of signals, the messenger. Hawk reminds us to hush and listen to the message the universe is sending. To stop being so busy. To stop pushing for our way. To stop and watch to see what the universe wants to share, wants to provide, wants to clarify, wants to cleanse. The answers to our struggles and prayers may be swirling around us all the time, but we have to take time to see and understand them in order for those answers to take root.

As I ease back into my practice, I can feel my body crackling open with so much excitement. "Oh yesssss... this does feel soooo good..." Just a few days ago, my mind kept wandering during a short 15 minute practice, but today, my mind slipped down into a restful state and my body kept moving and moving. I practiced for 25 minutes but felt like I could have continued for an hour. Our bodies crave time where our hearts and minds are calm. (It's a constant struggle for me to take this quiet time for myself, but I always feel soooo much better after I do.) Hawk inspired lots of shoulder openers for those big wing spans, deep breaths for soaring, and going up onto my hands in Crow to play with "flying".

If you've seen a hawk today, how about pausing and asking "what is REALLY happening here?" What might you notice? How have you been playing around with your body? Find any cool ways of "flying" lately?

Sending you so much love today.