I've been traveling for work for nearly two weeks - London and now Italy. I will FINALLY be home tomorrow. I'm exhausted to the bone. At every other time of my life, I have adored traveling, soaking up new places and faces like a sponge.

However, now, with my pregnancy and being prevented from "nesting," I've felt like an entirely different version of myself - cranky, unmotivated to go exploring, barely willing to try any new food. My body's ecosystem is intensely delicate right now, and this has NOT been what it needed.

Now that's not to say that I haven't seen beautiful places and met some sincerely wonderful people. This experience has just been a mirror that I am obviously in a VERY different phase of my life right now. (And the fact that my husband wasn't able to go with me has led to even fiercer homesickness.) So, in short, I've been crying. A lot. Every day.

Practicing with Bear Medicine has been helping keep my sanity. Bear lives in the womb-like cave and rests there. Listening to the answers in the silence. Bear is using the void to find a quiet power. Bear is a fierce mama who doesn't take any shit. Bear is helping me stand up for the needs of my baby AND my self. Bear is helping me be clear on what I want to change and how - and knowing that hibernation comes before spring.

Sending you love today. Hope you can channel some Bear today too ;).