Hi lovey!

The long pause on communication over these past few months has been for a good cause, I promise! Timothy and I have been hard at work getting the tenets and tendrils of Eir Heart clarified. We have focused on diving deeper and deeper and deeper to determine exactly what we want to offer to the world -- to offer to you. The clarification process is slow - and at times painful - so having each other for motivation has been critical. (I'm SO grateful for that warm-spirited, beautiful man pictured up there.)

So what on earth is this Eir Heart thing that T and I have been working on?

Well, at Eir Heart, we create sacred objects and healing spaces to empower you to live your biggest life. (There is plenty of info over at the website, if you're curious about just what all that means.)

And today, it is with a big smile and warm fuzzies that we are unleashing our very first EirWeek, a weekly compilation of supportive healing tools straight from us to you. And so, without further ado, here goes!

Catherine's favorite creativity-enhancing and sanity-saving resources of the week:

  • Animoon Readings by The Fifth Element Life (astrology and animals? yessssss)
  • Re-reading Women Who Run with Wolves (sheer archetypal brilliance -- if you haven't read this yet, gird your loins -- your world is about to shift!)
  • Sandalwood talcum powder (originally prescribed to me by an Ayurvedic doctor, nothing cools me down and makes me feel sexier than the texture and smell of this yumminess)
  • Moon Horoscopes by Chani Nicholas (the best of the best from a LGBTQI2S/POC/feminist perspective)
  • BioGenesis BioTrinity (I wear this around my neck every day -- it reminds me of the deepest essence of who I am)

Timothy's favorite things of the week (plus he'd love to hear back about some of YOUR favorite things!):

  • Guayusa Tea (Amazonian caffeinated leaves, replaces coffee splendidly!)
  • Shawarma, hummus, kale and pita (mmmmmm.... nuff said am I right?)
  • Fuzzy things (from an animal's warm fur to a warm fuzzy blanket or a great big towel, the fuzzy things in life feel warm, lovey, and can comfort us even in the toughest of times)
  • Family snuggles (includes your humans, your animals, your plants, your crystals/stones, your books, etc! Surround yourself with lovey family! For your health!)
  • Music (you don't have to be a singer or musician for music to nourish you, simply listening to music you like can brighten your life and sooth the soul)

Below you'll also learn a little bit more about pairing together yoga and medicine cards, as well as how a sacred pendant could support you in living your biggest life.

Also... if no one has told you yet today, you are truly incredible. Seriously, sweetheart. You are a brave ball of fire. Thank you for being you.

Sending you big snuggles,


Also New :: Anispirit Yoga Video Series!

Honesty time: I've been afraid to film myself practicing because I am afraid of what my body looks like. Exhaustion, illness, and a new pregnancy have left me unsure of what my body even feels like - much less looks like - anymore.

However, Jessamyn Stanley inspired me to finally set up my phone and film my practice. As she says, "yoga has a visibility problem." And she is so right.

My yoga practice is where I feel most like myself, where I can finally hear my own thoughts. I have been toeing the line of losing myself in too much work and environments where everyone wants to eat your energy. My reserves have been running low. My body has held on by a thread - but has held on regardless.

I've been incubating the Anispirit Yoga concept for a while, but I've been keeping it close to my chest. So, inspired by Jessamyn's awesomeness, I've started making a series of short 1 minute videos of me practicing yoga based on each of the medicine cards. 

Sharing with you all keeps me motivated to get back on my mat, and the writing for the posts is really creatively nourishing. There are 52 medicine cards in the deck, so it looks like I'll be at it for a while!

I'm posting them to Instagram, if you want to follow along there, but most importantly, I'd love to hear more about how you are practicing!

What have you been "practicing" lately? 
How have you been working on loving yourself a little more?
Where have you been finding your sanity?

Send me a note with your thoughts via email or tag me on your favorite social media outlet!

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Also -- We're Now on Etsy!

We create sacred pendants that can assist with healing old wounds, releasing self-perceptions that are blocking the way, and blossoming into our biggest selves, and we have now made them available via Etsy!

Each pendant is created as an individual commission. Every element -- from the crystals to the herbs to the resins to the wire wraps -- are carefully considered, purposefully placed, and created with the highest quality materials. If you are looking for something to support you as you face the world and live your dreams, this is the best thing we could possibly recommend.

Common elements in each piece:
- high quality stones (selected to meet your needs for the piece)
- high quality herbs (selected to meet your needs for the piece)
- elaborate decorative metal wire wrapping around the edges of the piece
- 18 inch faux leather cord for the enchantment to be worn around your neck or wrist
- detailed description of all the components of your personalized piece and what each of them will do for you

How about some thoughts from other folks about their sacred pendants?

"The center part of my pendant consists of dozens of types of crystals crushed up and blended with a copper spiral. This energy medicine takes in any negativity thrown my way, churns it up, and spits it back out. This piece also helps me to go with the universal flow rather than fighting it. I don't go anywhere without this necklace anymore. I can't recommend these enchantments highly enough!"

"I have felt great! I forgot it at home today and I'm noticing some differences. I felt more at ease with it on."

"These necklaces are amazing. I got one for my wife and I, and it has brought us together in an entirely new way."

more details here