Sign up for 3 months of weekly Thai yoga sessions and receive an extra $50 off each month!

Thai Yoga is an ancient healing system that combines Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese acupressure, and assisted yoga postures. This active process opens joints, stretches muscles and tendons, tones internal organs, relieves chronic pain, and balances the entire body.

To encourage consistent exploration and dedication to one's own healing, Catherine offers a discount for clients who wish to receive Thai yoga sessions every week -- only $195/month. This is already a 50% savings on the original price for Thai yoga sessions. As a special between 11/25 and 11/27, if you purchase a 3 month series of weekly sessions for yourself or a loved one, you will receive an additional $50 off per month!

For only $145 a month, you can receive weekly supportive energy work. That's just the best gift EVER!

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Physical gift certificates available by request. With this offer, weekly sessions can begin upon purchase or as late as February 1, 2018.