Wrapping up the holiday season and gazing at the new year certainly invites a pause for reflection. Some of us may celebrate a year well-lived. Some may breath a sigh of relief because maybe next year we will keep to the resolutions we were oh-so-dedicated-to last January. Some may look at next year and feel exhausted already.

This post by Danielle LaPorte inspired me to dive back into this past year to see what didn't work, what worked, what the highlights were, and to envision what a life full of only what worked would look like.

I curled up in a sauna and jotted down memories for each of the columns. The one common thread? This year was a roller coaster. In most areas of my life, I took great risks -- some worked beautifully while others fell flat. I shed my expectations of what a life of "purpose" is supposed to look like and embraced the joy of the free fall. At the end of it all, I truly am a different human -- and happier than I have ever been in my life. (And it was one hell of an ugly process.)

What if you shed everything that didn't work and allowed only the things that work to fill your life?

How would you feel when you wake up?

How would you breathe?

How would your partner feel?

How would the world look?

We are not stuck just because we have been doing something a certain way (even if we've been doing it that one way for our whole lives). We are not beholden to uphold anyone else's expectations.

We are free to follow what works. We are free to be happy.

We are free to start fresh.

Cheers to a new year of what works, my dears.

With love,