Catherine Howard

RYT 500, Energy Worker, Writer, Mommy-To-Be

Catherine loves teaching folks how to attune themselves to what the body wants to communicate. As a professional yoga teacher and energy worker, she uses light touch to illuminate the interwoven relationships between our anatomy, our emotional body, and our creative power and to release energetic blocks in the body. 

For over a decade, she has researched art-activism, yoga therapy, art therapy, Thai yoga, energetic anatomy, behavioral economics, and other science-based disciplines to develop a holistic understanding of the body. As a professional, she has devoted herself to the arts, from directing several arts nonprofits to curating for renowned behavioral economist Dan Ariely to living with collectives of artists all over the world.

She trained in yoga therapy in the MindBody Centering Yoga program in Durham, NC in 2014. She expanded her energy work offerings by training in Thai yoga at the Devanadi Yoga School in Minneapolis, MN in 2015 and apprenticing with a master CranioSacral therapist in Durham, NC in 2016. 

In 2017, she launched Anispirit Yoga, a documentation of her own personal practice blending animal medicine cards and yoga to heal her PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The official Anispirit Yoga ebook comes out Fall 2017!


Timothy Renuart

Carpenter, Sound Healer, Proud Daddy-To-Be

Timothy is a veteran of the United States Air Force. After serving as a Senior Airman for four years, he was honorably medically discharged in January 2012 after a hospitalization in 2011. When the military broke him in every way, he turned to sound healing to rebuild himself.

Coping with severe PTSD from a series of childhood traumas and a harrowing military experience, he was amazed that after a single sound healing session, many of his PTSD symptoms were completely cured. There were still deep wounds to be overcome, however, sound healing proved to be a miraculous method for resetting his energy body.

His goal as a classically trained vocalist and self-taught pianist is to bring the art of sound healing to as many people as possible. When one or more of the body systems are out of alignment due to traumatic events, the body systems become disharmonized. By playing chords and tones that correspond with the chakras, sound healing resonates and realigns the system back into harmony, like a tuning fork. This is an effective tool for self-monitoring and self-healing when one notices they are becoming disharmonized. 

Catherine and Timothy got married in December 2016. Inspired by each other's skills as healers, they joined together to create Eir Heart in February 2017.

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We are deeply committed to helping the entire world heal.

To support our brothers and sisters around the world, we donate 10% of all Eir Heart profits to the Africa Yoga Project