Here at Eir Heart, we know that we all have the power to change our own lives. 

In Norse mythology, Eir is the healer of the other gods and goddesses. We call ourselves "Eir Heart" because we know that the creative healing power represented by this goddess lives within all of us. 

We offer bodyworkyoga, and handcrafted sacred objects because we wholeheartedly want to empower YOU to live your biggest life.

A bodywork session with Catherine will help release blockages that have been holding you back and strengthen you so that you can take active control of your life.

She specializes in working with:

> Veterans with PTSD (learn more about how bodywork helps veterans with PTSD here)
> survivors of sexual trauma
> adults with chronic pain
> young adults with anxiety and depression
> women recovering from miscarriage or traumatic birth experiences

These bodywork sessions blend together thai yoga, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and reiki. Click any of the images below to learn more.

Working together one-on-one, Catherine will teach you how to craft an evolving personal yoga practice.

She specializes in working with:

> adults with chronic pain
> children with Autism and Tourette's (learn more about how yoga helps children with autism here)
> adults who are blind
> teenagers with severe anxiety and depression
> adults with spina bifida

No matter what your needs or perceived limitations are, she looks forward to meeting you where you are and helping you reach your goals for health and well-being. Click any of the images below for more information.

Timothy creates special sacred objects and wearable energy medicine pieces that heal spiritual and emotional wounds, release self-destructive habits, and protect you as you go out into the world. 

Timothy applies his experience as a carpenter, sound healer, and artist to create the special sacred objects offered here. Each piece is crafted using his deep understanding of resonance, energy fields, and the chakra system.

Click an image below for more details.


We are deeply committed to helping the entire world heal.

To support our brothers and sisters around the world, we donate 10% of all Eir Heart profits to the Africa Yoga Project