Here at Eir Heart, we know that we all have the power to change our own lives. 

In Norse mythology, Eir is the healer of the other gods and goddesses. We call ourselves "Eir Heart" because we know that the creative healing power represented by this goddess lives within all of us. 

We offer energy healing, gentle yoga classes, and handcrafted sacred objects because we wholeheartedly want to empower YOU to live your biggest life.

Been feeling stuck in a rut? Can't stop feeling exhausted? Wanting to make big changes in your life but just can't muster the motivation? An energy healing session with Catherine will help uncork the blockages that have been holding you in your same old patterns and pave the way for your biggest, boldest, most loving self. These sessions incorporate thai yoga, biodynamic touch, reiki, creative journaling, animal card readings, and guided meditation.

Catherine's yoga classes blend MindBody Centering Yoga therapy techniques, animal medicine cards, and simple meditation to help unravel anxiety and invite more stillness into your busy life -- all so you can hear your intuition even better.

She currently offers yoga classes and private yoga sessions at The Wellness Collective on 5th in Winston-Salem, NC. Click here for her schedule.

For folks who aren't local, she's also got a yoga e-book coming soon!

Together, Catherine and Timothy create sacred objects help heal old wounds, release old self-destructive habits, and enable you to blossom into your biggest self. With the support of these special energy medicine pieces, you'll be able to brush off unwanted energy and do you, boo.


We are deeply committed to helping the entire world heal.

To support our brothers and sisters around the world, we donate 10% of all Eir Heart profits to the Africa Yoga Project