Hey, sweetheart. It's soooooo good to see you here today.

Have you been looking for a way to take your life back?

Are you tired of the world stealing your energy and smacking you around? 

Has your heart been begging you for something different than the life you are living?


If you are like us, you are ready to make some big changes, but you want to make those big changes for yourself. And you don't want to pay thousands of dollars to an "expert" or attend a thousand hour training to be told what to do.


Here at Eir Heart, we know that we all have the power to change our own lives. In Norse mythology, Eir is the healer of the other gods and goddesses. She defends and aids warriors, watches over creative energy, forges weapons in fire, provides healing, and honors perseverance and patience. We call ourselves "Eir Heart" because we know that the creative healing power represented by this goddess lives within all of us. 


To help you get up and out on your unique journey, we create sacred objects and healing spaces that empower you to live your biggest life.

Our sacred pendants help heal old wounds, release old self-destructive habits, and enable you to blossom into your biggest self. With this support, you'll be able to brush off unwanted energy and do you, boo.

We blend animal medicine cards and gentle yoga practices into Anispirit Yoga to help unravel anxiety and invite more stillness into your busy life -- all so you can hear your intuition even better.

Come chill with us. We facilitate mini-retreats that create a still calm sanctuary for you to rest, restore, and nourish yourself. Because you are freakin' worth it - and you need it. Check out upcoming mini-retreats at the link below!


We are deeply committed to helping the entire world heal.

To support our brothers and sisters around the world, we donate 10% of all Eir Heart profits to the Africa Yoga Project